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    A lot of critical information from important business events is not available when needed. The disconnect between real-life events and the IT infrastructure is the missing link. This is why TradeLink was developed, using information from new technologies like RFID and Sensors to provide a new dimension in collaboration within and between companies.

    Tradelink is an Internet of Things Cloud Service that links the physical world to the digital world, providing new insights in your business processes and enabling new levels of visibility, control and efficiency.

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    Data is all around us and it’s fueling business intelligence. What drives your business is the insight you gain from understanding your assets and optimizing their efficiencies.

    Your organisation has to deal with out-of-stock situations, demands for higher quality, shorter delivery times, more counterfeiting and stringent liability laws. So you need to know everything about every single product. Where, when and how was it produced, stored, shipped and sold? Did any anomalies occur during production or transport?

    Imagine what it would be like if you and your business partners had access to all this information at the time you needed it. Real-time visibility throughout your supply chain improves business agility in order to achieve your goals, resulting in a systematic decrease in damage or loss of products, late deliveries and legal claims.